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Ias / Has

Advantages of starting your IAS preparation right from your school days:

  • The most obvious is that you are studying from one of the best sources for IAS exams – NCERT books. If you are studying in a CBSE school, you would be having NCERT textbooks as your study material.
  • Another benefit of starting at such a young age is that your mind is like a sponge at this age. You can study for more hours than at any later stage in your life. You are most active and energetic in your high school days. You can make the most of this. You can absorb and learn truck loads at this tender age.

Starting preparation for UPSC Exam does not only mean starting seriously reading standard books. IAS /HAS exam requires a continuous development in one’s personality. One can start preparation at any age, by being aware of things happening in society, country and in world and by being aware of our history, culture, government system etc. And one should aim start seriously preparing to achieve their aim of serving society and country by being a civil servant.



Many of the IAS toppers have revealed that it was their childhood dream to become an IAS or IPS officer. They followed their dream from their childhood phase. Some of them were started preparing for IAS Exam from schooldays while some of them started preparing for IAS Exam after completing senior secondary education and bachelor degree courses. However, it is necessary to know what should be the ideal age to start IAS preparation

Many students, who belong to a family of civil servants, are often inspired to become a civil servant like their elder members of the family. Kids of the family having such background start preparing for IAS Exam just after finishing class 10th board exam. The ideal age for appearing in the class 10th board exam is 16 years. Such students find enough time to understand the IAS selection process and the basic requirements needed to become an IAS or IPS officer. Starting IAS preparation at such an early age allows them to construct a much stronger foundation for IAS Exam. In the process, they can study NCERT textbooks which are simultaneously helpful of IAS Exam but there is the possibility of hampering the learning process of a student by doing a UPSC IAS specific study at such an early age. Time to time, UPSC changes its pattern, process and the basic requirement to appear in the UPSC IAS Exam which can alter the understanding of the students preparing for IAS Exam from an early age.

KEY POINT IS THERE ARE MANY DISCUSSION ON IT HOWEVER in future age of selecting into civil services would be lowered so I THINK It always gives edge to start earlier for preparation.


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